Lead Staff

Matt Logan - Kristie Quinn - Melissa Terrezza

Ashton Ratzlaff
Wine Director

Brenton Vasconcellos
Cheese Monger

Silas Durocher
Music Booking


Local since 2010

The owners of 5 Walnut are passionate and focused about sharing the Local Love. From the bar’s homey and beautifully crafted interior down to the food and beverage menu, 5 Walnut focuses on featuring local fare and products.

The space features a beautiful bar and tables topped with maple from Spruce Pine built by woodworker Peter White (Logan’s cousin) of Boone, barstools by local chair-maker Brian Boggs and cocktail tables made of salvaged wood by craftsman Thomas Taggard. One long wall of the bar is a gorgeous mural by well-known local artist Ben Betsalel. 5 Walnut also has live music every night and makes it a priority to book local bands.

Adjacent to 5 Walnut is the owner’s latest project: 5 Walnut Cheese Bar. Offering a variety of cheeses, charcuterie, and other local fare, the Cheese Bar brings the finest of “fromage” for you to enjoy with a glass of wine and/or to take home.

5 Walnut has also teamed up with Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center for a public art project that’s on the wall along Carolina Lane. 




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